Lube, Engine Oil, and Filter Change
  1. Up to 5L of 5W30 motor oil
  2. Oil filter element
  3. Free 25 points inspection
  4. Include environment charge
  5. Warranty Approved
$28.00 & up / $45.00 & up
Regular Oil / Synthetic Oil       
For European vehicles (Volvo, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz), we used OEM Approved Mannheim Synthetic Oil
From $49.95
Wheel Alignment Analysis
Top of the line Snap-on® Hoffmann® 3D Imaging Geoliner
  1. Extend tire tread life
  2. Improve handling
  3. Restore performance
  4. Improve fuel consumption
  5. Improve vehicle safety
$79.95 & up
Seasonal Maintenance Package
  1. Lube, oil & oil filter Change
  2. Check belts & hoses
  3. Check Tire Condition: tire pressure or tire rotation require
  4. Check Air Filter
  5. Inspect Battery
  6. Brake Inspection
  7. Check/ Top-Up all fluid levels
  8. Check Suspensions
$49.95 included
(for most vehicles and trucks)
Other Services
Windshield & Stone Chip Repair$49.94
for the first spot
for every additional spot
Emission Test
First Test for Registration Renewal (regardless of Test Result):FREE
1st Retest at Same Facility:$17.50 + HST
1st Retest at Different Facility: $30 + HST
2nd Retest: $17.50 + HST
3rd or more Retest:$30 + HST
(All these prices are Provincial Government Preset Price)
Safety Inspection $85.00 and up
Used Car Appraisal$50.00