Snap-On Transmission and Power Steering Fluid Exchanger
  1. This multi-fluid capable Sun Xtreme Transmission and Power Steering Fluid Exchanger changes both transmission and power steering fluids.
  2. Complete transmission and power steering fluid exchange service.
  3. Heat causes the oxidation of the engine fluid, leading to decrease lubrication and the degeneration of critical components with which the fluids interact. This machine can extract ALL the oxidized fluid (including transmission and power steering fluid) and pump new life into your vehicle. It keep your transmission in PEAK condition and eliminate poor steering performance or steering wheel shudder caused by oxidation.
Snap-on FuelKare Service
  1. The Snap-on® FuelKare™ system pulse cleans the fuel rail and fuel lines; removes soft carbon buildup in the combustion chamber, induction passages, on the intake valves, and in the intake manifold. A two stage process, engine off, engine on, ensures a thorough and effective cleaning. It restored engine performance and reduced vehicle emissions and fuel consumption.
  2. Recommended annually to maintain the highest level fuel system efficiency
Top of the line Snap-on® Hoffmann® 3D Imaging Geoliner
  1. Extend tire tread life
  2. Improve handling
  3. Restore performance
  4. Improve fuel consumption
  5. Improve vehicle safety

MiSTTM In-Car Air QualityTM
  1. Every time when the fan is turn on, there are harmful spores and micro-organisms blown into the passenger compartment. Research shows that harmful allergens are living inside the ventilation system and passenger cabin of almost every vehicle.
  2. To restore the in-car air quality, a professional treatment for the mold, mildew and bacteria is recommended along with cleaning the interior and regularly replacing cabin air filter.
  3. MiSTTM In-Car Air QualityTM is specially designed to treat & prevent living micro-organisms. It treats the entire ventilation system, including the evaporator, heater core, air ducts and passenger compartment surfaces. A MiST Service is like a hand sanitizer for the vents & interior surfaces of your car.
  4. The MiSTTM In-Car Air QualityTM service is very economical and only takes 15 minutes to perform.
For more details, please visit www.misthealthyair.org

Snap-On BrakeKare Flush System
  1. Safe, easy, quick and complete method for maintaining hydraulic brake systems. 1) Extracts the waste brake fluid; 2) Cleans, flushes and refills the system with new fluid and; 3) Bleeds the automotive brake system.
  2. Restore braking performance
  3. Prevent corrosion in braking system
  4. Prevent rust building in the brake lines
  5. Flush ABS hydraulic system
  6. OEM recommended every 2 years to maintain the highest level fuel system efficiency
Snap-On SUN Coolant Exchanger
  1. Fast, simple replacement of engine coolant with no mess.
  2. Prevent Costly Breakdowns and Potential Engine Damage with Regular Cooling System maintenance
  3. Coolant lasts about 2 years, a complete coolant flush and change is recommended for every 45000km. Otherwise, rust and impurities may build up and clog the coolant system.

Fuel injector, fuel system and combustion chamber flush (FuelKare)